Dabs Mfg & Assy

Business: Aerospace Manufacturing & Assembly

Description: This company is a second generation aerospace manufacturing & assembly speciality plant certified (AS9100 & ISO9001) to assemble aerospace parts and components for customers from all around the world.  Their customers then supply large aerospace and auto companies.

Transaction Type: Divestiture ? The young owner chose to divest in order to follow his passion in another industry, but wanted to preserve the culture of the employees.  He chose from multiple buyers ? an industry experienced acquirer.

Swanson's Grocery & Rx

Business: Consumer Food & Rx


This multi-location 100+ year old community grocery and pharmacy is an iconic name and brand that has maintained throughout its existence above industry averages.  Traditional grocery departments such as Produce, Meat and Seafood, Bakery/Deli plus Pharmacy, café and spirits contribute to it unique local market.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - This was a stock sale in order to elevate a union issue and keep all employees in their same positions throughout the transaction process and going forward with the new international acquirer.  This well-known local grocer, after years of hard work, decided to divest both the business and real estate and retire.

JA Jack

Business: Mfg - Glass Agriculture

Description: Established in 1947, this local family owned manufacturer and quarry operator supplies these industries ? glass, light construction, agricultural, human consumption and sports field marking products with their third most important ingredients of various sizes and shapes of limestone.

Transaction Type: Divestiture ? The fourth generation shareholders desired to retire, but wanted to leave the company in good hands desiring to continue the family tradition of a good work environment and reasonable pay for the long time employees.

Hand e Corp

Business: Handheld Mobile Devices


This company manufactures and sells unique handheld solutions for mobile devices for the wireless and other Internet ready products. Their product provides information to the real estate industry.

Transaction Type:

Recapitalization - The twenty-two shareholders sought a liquidity event to diversify their net worth and gain a financial partner to support their expansion into new markets.

Weaver Distribution

Business: Industrial Distribution

Description: This 35 year-old regional market leader carved out a major distribution network providing on-site industrial supplies and fasteners throughout Central Washington and Idaho.  Known for its depth of products, customer service, and knowledgeable sales staff they have consistently outperformed larger national competitors.

Transaction Type: Divestiture - The final step in the family planning for retirement is the divestiture of the business and the lease back of the facility.  One family member will remain wih the new owner continuning their current position.

A-M Systems

Business: Mfg & Distribution Medical Products

Description: Non human use medical product manufacturing company the distributes and sell its products world wide.  Business, facility, and expansion land was sold as a cash package.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The retiring owner sought a liquidity event that would facilitate a valued employee's offer to be increased in value, including facility and land with no risk.

Captain's Nautical Supplies

Business: Nautical Supplies

Description: Established in 1887, this prominent supplier of nautical supplies and maps is the only supplier of digital ocean maps in the northwest.  They are the prime supplier of marine worker?s and casual boatman?s supplies handing everything from gloves to quality brass clocks.

Transaction Type: Divestiture - The owner wanted to retire and be relieved of the long-term lease.  We identified a local executive who had years of experience and closed ony a few months from start to finish.

Beaverton Rx

Business: Pharmacy Since 1935


The prominent conventional pharmacy, compounding Rx and durable medical equipment provider as been serving the local community for many, many years.

Transaction Type: Divestiture ? The owners who are prominent community leaders have retired, requested the new owner to be a young family to carry on the services to the community ? we found them!


Business: Aviation Consumables

Description: Designs, Manufacturers and licenses safety briefing cards, those little colorful cards you find in the seat in front of you, that are used by commercial carriers, corporate and private aviation throughout the world.

Transaction Type: Divestiture - The owner sought liquidity and a strategic investor who would take the firm to the next level.

Kusler's Rx

Business: Rx & Compounding

Description: This pharmacy is the focal point of the community providing prescriptions, compounding and front end gifts and other over-the-counter medical supplies.

Transaction Type: Divestiture - The two partners wanted to retire, but keep the facility with a long term lease to provide additional income for their retirement.

Arlington Rx

Business: Multiple Location Pharmacy

Description: This pharmacy is a mulitple location facility.  It serves the communities of Arlington, Marysville, Smokey Point for many years.  Each location was purchased by a different large retailer in the area.

Transaction Type: Divestiture - Owner wanted to retire and manage the facilities and shopping centers where the pharmacies are located.  He received a long term lease as part of the transaction.

3D Computer Corporation

Business: Computer Services


Computer services for network, VOIP, LANs, and contract maintenance for small to mid size businesses, governments and professional organizations.

Transaction Type:

Recapitalization - The owner sought to gain a strong financial partner to help grow his company.

Liquid Measurement Equipment

Business: Liquid Measurement Equipment


This instrument manufacturing company sells and services systems for measuring liquid materials, the results help the environment.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The owner sought a liquidity event that would allow retirement, while maintaining a revenue stream from patents continued by the purchaser.

Ruler Smith Incorporated

Business: Mfg Measuring Devices


Manufactures the "Onmigrid" quilting and sewing "rulers" that are sold world wide into the craft industry.  The 28 patents allow growth into parallel markets of medical and education - a unique one of a kind company.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The owner desired a divestiture of certain assets in the estate for full retirement.


Business: Industrial Facilities Management


The nation's largest private company supplying personnel to the process manufacturing industry. They provide certified instrumentation, electrical and maintenance personnel.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The shareholders sought a liquidity event to diversify their net worth and retire.

Professional Contract Services

Business: Professional Contract Services


This regional dominate company just passed the $15.0 million mark by providing personnel to run and maintain the sensitive technology components of businesses IT operations.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The shareholders sought a liquidity event.  Management gained liquidity and an "earn-in" contract to support the growth.

Smart Cable

Business: Specialty cables and connectors

Description: This specialty manufactures cabling systems capable of supporting high-speed voice and data traffic providing very secure environments.

Transaction Type:

Recapitalization - The managing owner sought liquidity, refinanced the facility, and transferring the company's ownership to family.

Sound Computers

Business: Mfg: IT Equipment and Contract Services


This company builds information technology equipment utilizing the highest quality components to ensure the best reliability in economical network servers.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The shareholders sought a liquidity event to diversity their net worth and retire.

EZ Interface

Business: Cabling and Infrastructure Services


This company specializes in infrastructure technical services for copper & fiber cabling, wiring closets, and engineering services for electronic low voltage wiring.

Transaction Type:

Acquisition - The owners sought to provide recapitalization for the company, by selling an interest to an outside investor.


Business: Asphalt Maintenance and Sweeping


This local company provides complete parking lot maintenance and sweeping services under contract. They provide asphalt repair, simple installation, crack seal, seal coating, and striping.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The owner sought a liquidity event and income stream for retirement, including providing for loyal employee future income.

Farrell's Rx

Business: Pharmacy

Description: This pharmacy is a multi-generational business and the last in line of six family owned pharmacies going back 75 years.

Transaction Type: Divestiture ? Old line family planning for retirement.  Reserved the name for future generations to use.

Discovery  Maps & Guides

Business: Printing and Leisure Time Services


This company does the initial design of local maps, prints and distributes to their nationwide network of associates.  They hold the copyright to all maps covering much of the market.

Transaction Type:

Strategic Alternatives ? Evaluation of strategic alternatives, including valuation of the business.

Cascade Motorcycle

Business: Vehicle Dealership


High end motorcycle dealership providing sales and services in a small market.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The owner sought to wind down a losing business and remove risk.

Datec Inc.

Business: Homeland Security


This company provides Homeland Security products and services to the public safety (police - fire), utility, state and local agencies, and commercial enterprise clients in the Northwest market.

Transaction Type:

Management Buy-In - The Board sought to provide and exit for executive/ shareholder, but continue strong growth for future divestiture.

Country Classic Inc.

Business: Manufacture - Oak and Fiberglass


This manufacture is the region's largest provider of color trail and entrance signs to the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and National Parks throughout the Federal Government.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The foreign owners sought a liquidity event to diversity their holdings into a much larger lumber manufacturing plant in Asia.


Business: Mfg & Distribution Electronic Devices


Provides custom portable storage devices and data services to the promotion, advertising speciality, medical, music, video and movie industries.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture -The owners sought a partial liquidity event and bolster the capital structure, in order to increase the growth of the Company.

7S Monnix

Business: Professional Software Application Services


This company provides products and services - cloud computing support through and custom built applications and integrating existing IT environment to the cloud.

Transaction Type:

Enterprise Valuation ?  Evaluation of various strategic alternatives in support of the shareholder?s and company future financial planning.

Janitorial Supply

Business: Janitorial Supply


This consumable janitorial supplies distributer; mfg. repair services and contract large-scale floor cleaning services company has provided these products and services for over twenty years.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The owner sold the business, land and facility in order to retire. 

America First Roofing & Builders

Business: Credit Facility


This locally know company controls about 35% of the local market.  Recently, a new credit facility of $1.2 million was established in less then seven months.

Transaction Type: Credit Facility - This owner wanted a new credit facility to grow and prepare for a future re-capitalization.

Air Care International Ltd.

Business: Private & Corporate Aircraft


Four unique companies focused on the private and corporate aircraft owner market providing safety training - 24 hour emergerency services - medical kits - professional crew provisioning - simulator leasing for clients worldwide.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture & Asset Conversion - The owners sought a liquidity event to enter retirement.  The consulting phase allows for continued consulting in the industry.

Zack Corporate Housing

Business: Corporate Housing


Provids short and long-term housing needs for transit employees, executives, government contractors, medical professionals and overflow for tax-free stays over 30 days.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The owner sought liquidity in order to pursue other professional endeavors and travel.

Beneficial In-Home Care

Business: Health Care

Description: This seventeen county in-home care provider provides well qualified workers for a client's home in a cost effective manner.  Client care is rendered when medically desirable and technically feasible in residence 24 hours x 7 days a week.

Transaction Type: The owner requested a re-capitalization in order to reduce debt and refresh operations while remaining with the company in his normal operational role.

Concorse Italiano

Business: International Automobile Exposition


This internationally recognized automobile exposition features high-end vehicles of old and new origin. This premier event attracts ultra high end net worth individuals and "car guys" from around the world.

Transaction Type:

Divestiture - The shareholders sought a liquidity event to diversity their net worth and retire. This is the second company these owners have sold through our efforts.

Zephyr Communications

Business: Homeland Security - Ultra Secure Cable Systems


This company specializes in the design and implementation of cabling systems capable of supporting high-speed voice and data traffic for ultra secure environments which exceeds the security infrastructures standards required by the Federal Government.

Transaction Type:

Recapitalization - The shareholders sought a liquidity event to diversify their net worth and gain a financial partner to assist in financing the next stages of growth.

Contrix Computer Repair

Business: Computer Services

Description: This company provides a full range of technical services from design, procurement, and installation to contract maintenance for small businesses.

Transaction Type: Merger - The owner sought to gain a management partner to work out financial problems.

Big Feet PJs

Business: Mfg & Distributor


This fashion-design, mfg. and dist. of trademarked comfort apparel featured in media outlets sells "Big Feet Pajamas" world wide from locations in the US, Europe and Australia. 

Transaction Type: Divestiture - The owner desired more time with the family.